Friday, November 24, 2006

Delgado's story now a set text

Cold Goat Eyes

"As we progressed through the story, I had a vague notion as to where it was going, and what it was about, but the finer points of Delgado's work were lost on me amidst a brainful of semantics and teacher techniques. [...] But, as we neared the end, I read a paragraph that picked me up and lifted me out of my 'teacher hat' and stopped me dead..."

Let's hope that Amanda Saxonheart and Rocky Rollins can find more such fine examples for this year's competition.


Rockwell "Rocky" Rollins - Society Editor said...

Absolutely so, Ogden. Ms Saxonheart and myself are enjoying ourselves enormously reading this year's entries and preparing a shortlist for Ms Zadie Smith of this manor to peruse and to select a winner from. We would like to read many more stories in the next four weeks that the competition still has to run.

Although we are reading the entries after Ed has removed the names of the the authors from the manuscripts it seems that entries still have not arrived from at least 3 of the planet's continents. Where are the stories from the hutongs of Beijing and the towerblocks of Taipei and Tainan? From sub-Saharan Africa? From the Asuncion's and La Paz's of South America? And still nothing from the Leeds-Bradford conurbation.

Get writing. Let's have a page from the atlas of your mind. Nothing will be forwarded to the police. No purchase necessary.

Rockwell Rollins
Mary Stoute (pp Ms Amanda Saxonheart)

Anonymous said...

wow, a citation on the esteemed Herald.
greetings from Taiwan, the beautiful isle (as the Portuguese called it before it became the polluted urban sprawl that it is today).