Sunday, August 06, 2006

Isn't the "two state solution" really the two state problem?

Look at this map and tell me why either a one-state Palestine / Israel including the West Bank and Gaza, or giving the West Bank back to Jordan and giving Gaza to Egypt, wouldn't be a better solution? How the hell can Palestine be a state with two parts separated? It didn't work for East and West Pakistan and it's never going to be right for Palestine, so why are we wasting our time trying to work for "a two state solution"? Isn't it the case that this so-called two state solution is nothing more than a bit of legerdemain, a decoy while Israel works at incremental expansion by forcing the indigenous people further and further out of their homeland? The current devastation of South Lebanon is just another bit of elbowing as far as Israel is concerned, an opportunist and cynical bit of mass murder and destruction of neighbouring people. Well, that's how I see it, and I am prepared to think I might be wrong, but nothing I hear from Israel or the U.S, so cloyingly smug and smirking all the time, does anything to reassure me. In a way, I think I'm just debating a truism here, it's the elephant in the room - the US and Israel want to grab everything they can get, and oil is a big part of it, at bottom.


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