Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Notting Hill carnival 2006


"More than 500,000 people descended on west London for the final day of the Notting Hill carnival." (Skynews)

Say what you like about Rupert the Unbearable, but Skynews always does a pretty good photo feature on the Notting Hill carnival*.

* I like the way you mentioned the Notting Hill Carnival again there, Nick, that'll bring in even more googlable punters looking for "Notting Hill Carnival". Footfall, that's what any shop needs, and never forget this is an online shop. I'm not doing this for the love of it, and I'm sure nobody else here is either. We're still showing turnover of nought point nought million (USD) for the three years to date of the Monster Sale. It's simply not good enough, and that goes for this whole newspaper. Ed

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