Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Not fair


Dear Mr Ed, I have a complaint and I want to tell the world, please, because it is really bad. Me and my mates always play this game called Night Goggles, where we go and raid the neighbours' gardens and have a bit of a lark with these special goggles we invented. The neighbours' kids shout a bit and run away because we can see them but they can't see us. But now they have copied our goggles and that is against our copyright, isn't it? Please Mr Ed, tell the world because it's really boring now we can't play Night Goggles properly anymore, and they are spoiling everything. It's no fun if the other side has the same goggles.

E., age nine and a half (Name and address supplied)


Sam said...

Oh I do sympathise, E. My nephew Izzy is exactly the same with these nook whizzbang thingies you youngsters like to collect these days. He's got the best collection for miles around but now a new lad, Ahmed, has moved in a few streets away and he's collecting them too and believe me there is a real kerfuffle.

Izzy accidentally set fire to the neighbours' house with some of his smaller whizzbangs and I had to say "Look Izzy, I'm your Uncle Sam. I've been nine and I've been ninety, but you've only been nine, so take some could have had Hassan's eye out with that last prank of yours."

Imran Gareth said...

"Sam", forgive my pedantic intervention but weren't you accused (though never charged, or even interviewed) with supplying your nephew with the matches and petrol he used to torch Mr Loubnan's house?