Saturday, June 17, 2006

Friendly Fire

Cecil         See that, another six Brits killed by the Yanks.

Chancer    It's friendly fire. Only friendly fire, not as bad as being shot by enemies. Somebody slipped on a banana skin and their gun went off, or they put down a coffee cup on a Patriot missile trigger, or they were carrying a ladder that hit a gunner on the head when they turned; nothing sinister at all, just friendly fire. It's like an own goal, one of those things. It makes no difference, because the enemy kills you anyway. At least this is friendly fire. It's not like killing; it's not murder. You may commit war crimes by killing your enemies illegally, but you're in the clear as long as you kill your own (or Allies.) You don't get dragged to the Hague and given life. Not at all! Sure it's only friendly fire; it's only your friends you're killing.

From: "The Shadow of a Conman" by Jude Murphy

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