Thursday, June 22, 2006

Boris watch

Why trial by judge, not by media, is right

"The truth is I know little of Mr Justice Ognall's private life. I don't know whether he is normally a brave or assertive chap, or whether he finds it difficult to get a cab in London on a Saturday night. In fact, I am not even sure of his first name, or whether he is known to his wife and friends as "Oggie". I exalt him today because all other qualities are irrelevant next to the audacity and common sense he showed, 12 years ago..." (Boris Johnson)

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rainbow spike said...

Save for present company and a few other brave souls, journalism in this (and every other) country is vile. In their attempts to cast the innocent into the abyss the journalists merely display the abyss of their own depraved corrupted selves.

Stagg should now be given another hefty payment from every journalist and newspaper who tried and found him guilty in their filthy rags.