Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Double bill at the Willesden Volta

If you liked Clouds of ink swirled from the pen of Heaven into the bowl of the sky. A pear tree bent in the rushing wind, I'm sorry to tell you the pear tree is no more. According to Mrs Haverty we were conned into having it felled after one of the two trunks split.

Anyway, the afternoon turned to blustery evening after a sunny day, and we still have some wind trees here, so Cinecitta Willesden presents a double bill today: Wind in the Elder / How Dogs get Worms. (QuickTime, 4.3 mb)

Coming Soon: Chancing my Arm (Trailer, PG). The ultimate horror flick, in which a demon battles with a disembodied arm for control of the Orb of Ten. One orb to fetch them all, one to return, one to throw again. (QuickTime, 10.5 mb)

* Script: Ganache. Steadicam: Onion Mbeke

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