Monday, November 15, 2004

The Herald will get the Olympics for London 2012

diamond geezer: "London loves the world. We're a multicultural global city, where people from all nations gather together to take on underpaid overnight cleaning jobs in high rise offices. You can travel here by air, by boat, by rail, or in a secret compartment in the back of a container lorry. And we're knee-high in tourists already so a few more foreign athletes should fit in perfectly."

Diamond Geezer is on top form there. With this kind of help and the backing of the mighty Willesden Herald, the decision is in the bag. It will be the 'sden wot' done it again, in the words of our crap catch phrase.

Go for it, plebs. As Diamond Geezer points out, they need this sort of thing to make them redevelop the East End. Or at least to concrete it over.*

*Is this a good thing? Ed

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