Friday, November 26, 2004

Don't outsource the computing for a whelk stall to them

Why killing 80,000 desktops is worse than careless - ZDNet UK

"It comes back to the nature of these contracts -? EDS are sitting there at some kind of central control centre and the idea is that its much more efficient to that [sic] they have trimmed it all down to have someone sit their [sic] and do everything remotely. They have pressed a button to try and update a few machines but have made a mistake a [sic] sent out this patch to sixty thousand out of eighty thousand -? they have all received the patch, the patch has killed the machines and there has been no easy way back to revive them."

This is the drain all of your hard-earned money is poured down, while you sweat with debts you can't afford to pay. Why does the government pay billions of pounds to companies like EDS and Fujitsu for systems that don't work reliably, or in some cases are not even delivered?

Simon Moribund

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