Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Detailed account of the shooting in the mosque

Kevin Sites Blog (via Yellowslip)

"It's time you to have the facts from me, in my own words, about what I saw -- without imposing on that Marine -- guilt or innocence or anything in between. I want you to read my account and make up your own minds about whether you think what I did was right or wrong. All the other armchair analysts don't mean a damn to me."

Kevin Sites is the cameraman who filmed the incident. It's not quite as simple as it would seem from a short report on the 10 o'clock news. It's both better and worse than that. There were people left to die in the room, other people who might just have been "re-shot" and others more of a threat than the one who was killed in cold blood.

I don't buy Sites' agonising about how they are trying to be "the good guys." It reminds me of the attitude of the invaders in the film Mars Attacks. I understand that he is anguished about the possible backlash arising from his principled dedication to journalism. Other lives might be jeopardised. But the guilt is not rightly located in Sites' conscience, it should fly from there to somewhere in the White House - if it can find a conscience to land on there.


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