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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Frustration and despair

Telegraph News Charity 'distressed' for hostage aid worker: "A newly released video of Margaret Hassan, the aid worker kidnapped in Iraq, has prompted Care International to say that it is 'profoundly distressed' by her condition."

It is so frustrating that one cannot do anything to help this woman. It makes me feel both homicidal and suicidal. I want to kill the kidnappers with my own hands. At the same time I am depressed to be a member of the same species. How can any man treat a woman in this way, regardless of religion, politics, or anything else? Those are not men.

What a day. More Bush and therefore more Blair and therefore more torture and violence for all of us. Those smirking, rapacious, negligent, conniving, lying shysters.


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