Thursday, April 29, 2004

Stars in their eyes*

"And stop callin' me Tonto, it's Tony, I told ya. Show some respect, at least, can't ya. After all I done for you."

The stars were spotted taking a stroll on location in New York, between shooting scenes for Benighted Cowboys - a remake of Schlesinger's classic movie of platonic and profane love.

Production Watch

Shouldn't this have been titled Everybody's Talkin' At Me? I hope that photo is not a fake. Ed.

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Comments 2003-2004 said...

What sacrilage! My all time favourite movie desecrated with an image of those two scumbags superimposed on a still. God, how I despise that bastard Blair. Fuck Bush, he is just a dummy but Blair knows better. In what way is he being blackmailed, I wonder?

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