Saturday, April 24, 2004

Local boy makes good

We are literally beside ourselves with joy - and insufferably full of ourselves too - to announce that The London Silence, a book by one of ourselves from the Willesden Herald is now on sale in the Willesden Bookshop, in the Willesden Library Centre on Willesden High Road*, and it's by Stephen 'Willesden' Moran, one of our irregulars.

According to the blurbs, "This story collection carries us like an outgoing tide, on a wave retreating from the underworld of 21st century London to a Dublin hinterland in the 70’s, 60's and beyond, to the time of coalmen, tenements, and bicycles." You can learn more about the book here.

Moran says, "They're all here, the charmers, the snakes, the innocent, the complaisant, the guilt-ridden and the guilty, the Brothers, the whores, the poor and the young, the invulnerable, the jailed and the dead, the green and the truant, the music box and the p.a, the skaters, the crooners, and the pink neon sign that blinks all night, saying keys, keys, keys..."

To order signed copies direct from the author: Kagi. It's now starting to filter through to the online bookstores. has it before, for example. Click the links to order from the following:, Powells (first to have a picture of the cover.) To find the best price you could try Addall price comparisons, for UK, or for USA. To order from high street bookshops or other online suppliers, quote ISBN 0974726141.

Dr Noël Knowall, PhhD.

*Copies will shortly be in stock at other local bookshops in Queens Park and Kilburn. Ed

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Thanks. it's now in Queens Park Books, 87 Salusbury Road, too. He has me run off my feet, going around foisting it on unsuspecting booksellers.

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