Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Israelis in bid to discredit freed Vanunu

"THE release of Israel Prisons Authority prisoner number 1005962 has the makings of a Hollywood movie, albeit a decidedly silent one if it is up to the government of Ariel Sharon, the prime minister.

"Better known to the world as nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, he will be leaving the walls of Israel’s Ashkelon Prison tomorrow after 18 years in jail, 12 of them in solitary confinement*."

Ghandi, Mandela, Vanunu - these are the people who do something good with their lives. To hell with the warmongers.

Feargal Mooney

*Is solitary confinement really a punishment, compared to sharing a prison cell with other people? It sounds more like a reward. Ed.

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Seems rather harsh to get 18 years for stating what everyone knew. The 'textile factory' in the desert makes bombs...ooerr. This pussyfooting round on the subject of Israel in case someone decides to ruin your career by invoking what happened in Europe 60 years ago and lumping you in with the einsatzgruppen of the Waffen SS is wearing just a tad thin.

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Why do so few Jews in this country speak out against that rogue state Israel? Presumably they know more than we do and are terrified! Good man Vananu, the only decent Isreali I can think of. I'm sure there must be some others.

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