Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Charity "pay to read" / "pay to view" author web pages

Authors, poets and film makers could donate stories, poems and films for a charity to host on pay per view web pages. In order to read the poem or the story or to view the film, a user would either pay per story, poem or film or by adding credit in advance and then using it up one item at a time.

The creative works donated by writers and artists would each have a price to view and a "Total Raised". I suggest that they be beautifully presented, with page continuation buttons as required to complete reading and perhaps also a "Print" button, for someone to get a copy of a poem to read at leisure.

The beauty of it is that the donor gets something in return for his or her money, it costs little or nothing for the charity to host and authors can see how much their contribution has clocked up in charity donations. Authors would be giving in that way, not selling, and so their contributions would be immense and they could rightly take pride in them.

This idea is intended for the highest level of charities and I hope for those alleviating hunger, particularly at the time of writing when famine has been declared in Somalia. The entire proceeds of the donation should go to the charity, as far as that is possible. This is not an idea for YouTube to give 10%, it's an idea for, say, Save The Children to get 100%.

Additionally this should not be patented or copyrighted in any way that would restrict other charitable causes from implementing the same idea. There is no reason why there couldn't be such "pay per view" items and accounts on many different charitable websites.


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