Saturday, July 09, 2011

Brent SOS - Save Our Six libraries

Harriet Walter in conversation with Deborah Moggach

7 pm, 13 July 2011
The North London Tavern,
375 Kilburn High Road
London NW6 7QB

The Judicial Review into the closure of Brent libraries will take place on 19 & 20 July – just 2 weeks away - so support for ALL the Brent SOS fund-raising activities is very urgent. Further details here.

The judicial review does not come cheap. Barristers' fees have to be paid. The case will be made against Brent's summary closure of six libraries contrary to the express wishes of its citizens. Let there be a late English Spring, resist the wreckers. Don't let the generosity of previous generations be undone by the meanness of the present.

The Labour council  has voted to close six of Brent's libraries, including Kensal Rise library, which was in part covenanted by donors on condition that it remained in perpetuity as a resource for the local people, and was opened by Mark Twain. The great man would turn in his grave to think that things had degenerated so far in London since his visit that the library he opened and five others simultaneously have to be killed on the order of a bunch of jumped up petty local wheelers and dealers.

Remember Brent Council also has a plan in train to demolish the focal Willesden Library Centre, which they have been systematically running down, and turn it into a building site till 2014 for flats and council offices, with a remnant of a library proposed. They have spent over £600,000 including specific grants obtained since 2006 on refurbishing the library centre and moving the Brent Museum from its previous home. With typical profligacy and who knows what cosy contracts (any kickbacks, do you think?) they now intend to demolish the place. With the six local library closures and Willesden library centre demolished, there will be no libraries for miles around.

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