Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The New Writers Handbook, Vol. 2

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Amazon/Willesden Herald linkThe intro by Ted Koooser is interesting. He was US Poet Laureate for a while. He talks about writing "from life" versus the comparative poverty of writing from imagination. In one example he says that when describing the scene at a birthday party, it's the lace coming away from the edge of a table cloth, or the bent tine on a fork that will evoke it, and not candles flickering on top of the birthday cake. In other words, he claims that imagination will tend to the clichéd. He makes a strong case, but I'm not sure he didn't imagine that lace himself just then, if you see what I mean. It's worth getting hold of the book just to read his intro, really, but there are loads of other interesting articles as well [not to mention the one by yours truly*]. (There Now)

The all-new 2008 edition (Vol. 2) of this annual anthology of best advice for writers is now available in stores everywhere:

The New Writer's Handbook, Vol. 2
edited by Philip Martin
with preface by Ted Kooser (U.S. Poet Laureate)
Scarletta Press (ISBN: 978-0-9798249-2-0)
softcover, 288 pages, 60+ articles

Expert tips & techniques for writers at any level.
"Satisfying & surprising" said Library Journal in a Starred Review of the first volume. Annual readings to refresh your craft and career. (Scarletta Press)

* "Common Faults in Short Stories", based on this article by Steve Moran here in The Willesden Herald. Ed

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Jane Smith said...

I'm lucky enough to have my own copy of this book. I've reviewed it on my blog. I loved it.

Buy it, now, everyone. If only to hold in your hands a real, print copy of Mr Moran's rather good essay about short stories.

(The fiver's in the post, right, Steve?)