Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Friday night without Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand suspended by BBC

Brand is not guilty. Russell Brand is one of those indispensible mischievous spirits, who will always be in trouble, but who is not a craven and dismal lowlife like the other one. If you read the transcript (, you'll see that I'm right. It's Ross whose ad libs are crass and offensive, unleavened by any Shakespearian fool's talent to amuse, which is what Brand brings to the party. A real fool can get away with mockery and revelations - being a real fool is an honorable vocation, but being a professional creep is not. I am not jumping on this bandwagon - the cartoon you see above was posted here a few weeks ago. I've always said the same about Jonathan Ross.


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Ossian said...

I'm full of admiration for the old guy in the picture who walks with one leg and one walking stick. That's not easy.