Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Support your local bookshop AND authors

New Short Stories 1 is in stock (right on the main counter) at the Willesden Bookshop (Willesden Library Centre, 95 High Street, Willesden, NW10). They have sold eleven copies to date, and I can assure you they won't run out of stock! If you happen to get there and the last one has gone, ask them to phone me and I'll run round the corner (literally, that is where I live) with a new batch. Yes, that is publishing, you know, big business. I was hoping to give the profits to Comic Relief, but as yet not even near breaking even. Come on you lot.

As for Amazon, at one point New Short Stories 1 was in the top 40 anthologies. Don't get excited, though, because this can be achieved by just selling two copies in one day. Now if you all want to help (who the hell am I kidding, nobody even reads this) why not see if we can send the book spinning up to the top of the Amazon charts? Let me know if you buy a few and I'll get a screenshot as proof of the chart position.

I'm rather shameless about promoting this as so much blooming work went into it, and it is also packed with wonderful reading. I can be cool some other time. (When I'm dead will be soon enough.)


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