Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New London 2012 logo by T Boy

Somebody said that even the teaboy at Sphagnum Photo Agency could do better than the official London 2012 olympics logo. So Sphagnum supremo Onion Mbeke gave the work experience slave, who henceforth wishes to be known as T Boy, 20 minutes, the maximum time that Onion can survive without tea, and here is what he came up with. Wolf Howlin's or whatever they're called took a year and 400 grand to come up with their messy and fragmented effort, which has since struck several people into epileptic fits. For the small price of 20 minutes off, I think that T Boy ain't done too bad. Man. (Feargal)

"These are just ideas. They are not meant to be static or monochrome, they are meant to use the Olympic colours and transform for animations." (T Boy)

T-Boy © Sphagnum

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