Monday, June 18, 2007

Wake of the sun


Keeping you up to the minute with Willesden clouds


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was in Bristol last night and saw these same clouds, maybe a bit stripier.


hmm - is it the same sky/clouds over bristol and london? i may need technical help on that...

Velvan Gnash said...

Everywhere has its own unique sky, fitting only there, reflected in the colours of the land. That or it's all the same. But you never see the same thing twice in the sky, no colour that has ever been seen before is ever repeated in the sky. That or it's all the same. There are no words to describe the gradations of colour in the sky, except perhaps "sanguine amber, peach red, burst car seat kapok grey, bloody brown" etc from the cantos of Mr Ogden Gnash. That or it's all...the same.