Friday, May 18, 2007

Soul sale

I've sold out and freshened the Amazon links designed to get some commission. However, in three years they have never generated more than about 75p, which is too small an amount for Amazon even to transfer. Now that they are spanking the brand newy, mayhaps they will garner mucho lucre, faith, musha, och go away.

I will list books mostly by local authors, and mostly of short stories and poetry that I have read and highly recommend, such as Look We Have Coming to Dover! by Daljit Nagra, the bard of Dollis Hill. Naturally, I list my own book as well and any with Willesden in the name! (Please take all these crimes into account when sentencing.)

By the way, you can come and see Daljit Nagra at a free Metrowords Festival event hosted by Willesden Writers Group at The Space, Willesden Library, 95 Willesden High Road, 8 p.m. next Thursday the 24th. I heard him read at The London Tavern, in a benefit event for the Lebanon, and it was a great night. Entrance free, and there will be a some wine, juice and water on the house.


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