Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cela n'est pas un niqab*

Guardian interview with Zapatista leader

"A bead of sweat is visible through the eyehole of his famous black balaclava. Latin America's most celebrated living rebel must be feeling the heat, but a glass of water would mean taking off the mask and that is out of the question. He makes do with a puff on his pipe, and a subject that is close to his heart. 'My new book's coming out in June,' Subcomandante Marcos announces with relish during the first interview he has given to a British paper in years. 'There's no politics in the text this time. Just sex. Pure pornography.'"

Look at the picture: has Gerry Adams been leading an amazing double-life as Subcomandante Marcos? A character straight out of Flann O'Brien.

* Let's all start wearing these bloke-niqabs. How about one with a Willesden Herald logo? I'm coming over all "Lawrence of Fitzrovia". Ed

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