Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Stop cruelty and executions*


Bears in small cages for extraction of bile. Who are you fooling with your gifts of pandas, and your superstitious medicines? Only yourselves.

Executions of pathetic men and women, like helpless dogs. Sheer inhumanity and unconcern.

Your people bound in slavery and ignorance by complacent, golfing old tyrants, traitors to Socialism.

Little or no social welfare benefits, lazy and feeble compared to efforts by Social Democratic countries such as England and Sweden and many others.

Beijing Olympics? What a load of arrant hypocrisy!

Get up off your knees, Chinese people, don't let the benighted tyrants make you live and die in ignorance and servitude.

Bai Juyi, London

*An open letter to the editor of China Internet Information Centre

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Malachy said...

Shut up, you'll get us all bumped off!