Wednesday, August 24, 2005

On this day in...*

2003, Sunday August 24th.

"It was a very good summer."

Mrs Haverty's uncharacteristic outburst is perhaps best forgotten, but it was a busy news day with all of the following stories breaking: Image of Yogi Bear discovered on Mars; The problem of speeding on Chamberlayne Road; and the rather sinister Dog man walking. There are some comments in the old format "Comments (2003-2004)".

*Brilliant new feature. We need never be short of copy again. Excellent wheeze. Ed

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Ossian said...

And in 2007 we can say 'On this day in 2005 we featured "On this day in 2003"' etc. Good. No need to write anymore ever again. Brilliant. Why the hell we didn't think of that on day one I just don't know.