Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sudbury Hill / North Greenford common land?

Behind Kellogg Tower, Greenford Road

It's between Kellogg Tower, Greenford Road and the David Lloyd sports centre. You can reach it via the lane leading from the parade of shops and you'll most likely pass a couple of groups of Polish (?) lads standing in the trees, talking and drinking. There are a few empty bottles strewn by the road. There were no dog walkers around when your reporter ventured down the lane, only a couple of hardy souls walking to and from the sports centre. Most of its patrons swish by in cars. There's an open field with a wooded area behind and to one side of it. Nearer the sports centre there is a hilly clearing (see above), with tracks and a couple of benches. So the question remains, is this common land? Google maps is no help on the question.

Update 29 July 2014: It's called Grove Farm Nature Reserve. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grove_Farm,_Ealing: Grove Farm is an 8 hectare Local Nature Reserve (LNR) in Greenford in theLondon Borough of Ealing. It was declared an LNR in 2002 by Ealing Council, which owns and manages the site.[1][2]
The site has ancient woodland, and woodland flower species, while trees include thewild service tree. Plant species include welted thistle, hairy violet, pepper saxifrageand adders tongue fern.[1][3]
There is a circular path, and there is access from Whitton Avenue West, Dimmock Drive and Lilian Board Way.[3]

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