Thursday, May 16, 2013

Getting rid of the Amazon and Google robbers

Amazon is raking in billions from the UK and paying less in tax than it receives in grants. "Company filings showed Amazon's main UK company paid just £3.2m in corporation tax on sales of £320m last year. However, the Seattle-based group has told investors its 2012 UK sales were £4.2bn." (Guardian). Additionally it is hiring people via its Luxembourg so-called "base" but all the work and interviewing etc is via London and British offices. So it's a scam. (Ref: Guardian special investigation)

I will get rid of everything connected to Amazon from this website and all my websites but it will take a while. I am very busy with the day job lately. I will have to setup alternative local sources for the New Short Stories books.

Google too. You're next! It is established that your advertising sales etc. are happening in the UK, not Dublin, you devious shitehawks.  (Ref. Independent)

The next revolution is to overthrow globalist warlordism and get control of national rights, customs & excise. Jobs are more important than money-spinning opportunities for unprincipled plutocrats and their croneys on the gravy train.

"I will move this whole bang shooting match to WordPress" (Red)

Oh and don't forget, support your local independent coffee shops, because Starbucks is another crock.

Update, September 2014

My feelings have not changed at all about any of the above. However, I have resumed using Amazon for Kindle publications and Google adverts on blogs. I am doing it because I need the money, even though it's only a few pounds per year. My situation is now that I have a nice house but very little income, and I still have to pay the bills. Sorry if that's t.m.i. but it's a weight off my mind. Thanks. (Steve)

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