Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Restore Britain's ironwork

The Willesden Herald: Ironwork restoration

I've noticed the terraces off the Willesden High Road have the same mish-mash of improvised front garden fences, an abominable mess. Was the whole country defaced? When you think the ironwork wasn't even used, it's so appalling. I know it is a small thing compared to the general devastation and carnage of the war, but it's not insignificant. By debilitating the street environment might it not even be partly responsible for a pervasive feeling of shabbiness and hopelessness? A bit of googling reveals Scotland was also affected. Come on Boris Johnson, GLA, local borough councils & National Lottery Townscape Heritage fund, it really is past time the ironwork was restored!


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Anonymous said...

When I did a teaching session at the Imperial War Museum recently they told me exactly this, all the railings were taken but in the end weren't used as they were no use for making planes (metal too heavy) . Expect they have by now been reused for something else though... ;)