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Sunday, October 30, 2011

There's a smell of horse dung in the NHS executive lounge

Private Eye | Official Site

Private Eye exposes the chief executive of the Imperial College Healthcare Trust, which is in the red by £40 million, presiding over payments to a network of companies held by his wife, for "horse-based leadership training" [Is there a word missing there? Ed]. Of course hubby and missus's horse-based training company loses so much money that it has to be subsidised from their other holding companies, for which read "tax write-off". This geezer, Mark Davis, is in charge of an NHS trust that is hiring his wife's loss-making company while at the same time paying £2,000 per day for his services into another of his wife's companies that is channelling money to the first. Clear?

Here's another pile of executive horse dung: The Telegraph highlights NHS executives receiving golden handshakes only to be rehired on exorbitant daily rates. "In one case an official given a £300,000 payoff was re-employed on daily rates of £3,400" (Telegraph)

No wonder there's a revolution starting, we're being taken for a ride.


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