Friday, October 07, 2011

Michael D. Higgins for a friendlier Ireland

Forget the candidates who are pretending not to be from their political parties. How can you vote for candidates who represent parties they are ashamed to acknowledge? McGuinness with his poor mouth, offering 6/7ths of his income to employ six young people, let him give it all up and employ seven more young people in the tourist industry, which would be damaged if he were elected. And Gallagher from Dragons' Den, with his pseudo-scientific prattling about "the gene pool".

Kilburn and Willesden, let's back Michael D. Higgins - The President who will do us proud, a friendlier face for Ireland. A man of principle, vision and commitment. Listen to his speeches, excerpted in the videos here. If the hair doesn't stand up on your neck, you should probably check your pulse.

Let's have somebody at the GPO in 2016 who represents unity and progress, not somebody who represents division and enmity. Do not let the other charlatans stand there, don't let those responsible for dividing and debilitating the nation and the country represent you in front of the world. They sacrificed unity for their botched and hateful separation, unity that was worth more than all their scrabbling division. Thanks to people like McGuinness the country is divided where it was unified before. It's only with people like Michael D Higgins that any healing or progress can be conceived. Don't chop off your head to spite your heart. Don't be the Ireland that cut off its own head to pull out of the UK. Use your head and your heart and you won't go wrong.


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