Saturday, December 11, 2010

Short story competition latest

Update, December 2010

To date over 200 entries have been received and hopes are high for another set of oustanding stories this year but I am still asking for more better stories, please. They are currently arriving at a rate of about 8 or 10 per day and I am behind with the reading. Looking forward to lots of fascinating stories over the next few weeks. The closing date is 17 December, 2010. Meanwhile previous finalists continue to conquer the literary world, so there's encouragement for you. Thanks. (SM)

Bloomsbury to publish first novel by Vanessa Gebbie

'The Coward's Tale' by Vanessa Gebbie, previous winner of the Willesden short story prize, will be published in hardback in UK by Bloomsbury UK, November 2011. Then in paperback late spring 2012, UK and simultaneous trade paperback in USA by Bloomsbury USA. Bloomsbury publishes major writers including J K Rowling.

Laura Solomon wins Hong Kong's Proverse prize

Another prodigy from our previous competitions, New Zealand writer Laura Solomon has won Hong Kong's international Proverse prize, for her novel Instant Messages. "Hilarious! Excellent! Its light and ironic touch makes Instant Messages a page-turner and gives it substance.' (International Proverse Prize Judges)"

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