Tuesday, December 30, 2008

National Demonstration: London Saturday 3 January

Copied from: Stop the War Coalition

"Israel is committing a shocking series of atrocities by using modern weaponry against a defenceless population - attacking a population that has been enduring a severe blockade for many months." (The UN Human Rights Council)

Stop Gaza Massacre

Hands Off Gaza: Stop the Bombing: Free Palestine
Assemble 12:30pm Embankment, WC2

Nearest tube Embankment.
**Important Update: Please note change of Gaza demonstration time and assembly point.**
Called by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initiative and many other organisations.

Israel has launched a terror bombing against the people of Gaza, with over 350 dead and many more injured.

Not content after 3 days of devastating slaughter, the Israeli government promises more barbarity to come.

The head of the Israeli military says, "This is only the beginning".

The people of Gaza are asking, if this is only the beginning, what will the end look like?

Download the leaflet here

For details of daily demonstrations in London and actions around the country, click here.


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Anonymous said...

It must be so nice living in the little imaginary bubble you live in, and only having to take into account one side of the story. It's just easier, living in black and white. Ah, you run a fiction competition, perhaps this is part of that?