Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bikes 'r us

If you are within easy range of NW10 in the next half hour or so, and you haven't very much money and would like a bike for a 4 to 7 year old (approx.) for Christmas, I know where three good ones have been left in the street outside a big house - clearly as an offering for anyone who wants to take them. Click Dear Mona at the top left there and email me something and I'll tell you where they are. This message will self-destruct later. Don't ask me to go see if they're still there, it's up to you to do it all.

Update 24/12/2008: The bikes must be gone by now. I'll have a chance to check in a while and confirm. You never know. ... Actually, there were still two there when I looked.



Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight, I can comment on some bikes in your area but if I slogged my guts out and put together a story and sent it to you, I can expect my comments to be censored? Just what was that BS about transferring them to your literary supplement? We have always been able to comment HERE about the competition. Are you TRYING to alienate everyone or are you just being incredibly naive?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Just because your postings showed you off in a bad light, that is no reason to remove all of them. It makes me wonder how honest you are able to be when reading and judging the stories.

Ossian said...

I've no idea who all you anonymi are, however my friends enemy is my anenome, or something like that. Voila, I have restored the comments below. And now I'm off for Christmas. Peace on earth to anemoni and all of goodwill, including myself and possibly you anonymi. Don't anonymi sting - or was that anemoni. Ah biology field trips! The strange creatures we used to find, strange but mostly beautiful, in the rockpools anyway.