Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Inland Revenue trials sleepworking


The Great I, Comptroller of Britain, have determined that My employees can do just as much useful work while asleep as they can while awake, and so from today they will be provided with pillows, duvets and reclining armchairs. This arrangement should enable My employees to have more quality time when they go home to their families. Additionally Derry Irvine Decorators (Liberia) Ltd. and Pincher Martin Furniture (Bahamas) Ltd. have been awarded contracts to renovate ten million houses belonging to My workers (or sleepers as they will henceforth be known). If you have any problems with this, please phone The Great Me on 01274 539628 and listen to jolly muzak, copyright © Exorbitant Tracks (Cayman Islands) Ltd., for a few hours*.

The Great I

* Long distance rates may apply. Seek permission of whoever pays the bill before phoning. Interest will be charged while you wait.


Hopper said...

This is a funny joke but what's funnier is that there are actually workplaces that encourage their employees to take a power nap every day. Apparently it increases productivity and attentiveness. Can you imagine paying people to sleep?

Sanchez said...

If it does increase productivity then why not??