Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Support flyposters - they improve the scene

Why don't we have them for books as well, not just music? I don't know why councils like Westminster and others think that derelict shops and hoardings look better in unadorned squalor than they do bedecked with colourful and interesting posters. I would like to put some up around town for my book, The London Silence. Maybe "What is the London Silence?" would be apt, now that we no longer see "Who is Christian Goldman?" very much.

Stephen Moran

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Peter Jones said...

The 'Who is Christian Goldman?' graffiti is actually mentioned in Iain Sinclair's 'Lights Out For the Territory' (London: Granta Books, 1997).

'We were grateful to escape into South Lambeth Road; a relatively unknown quanitity, virgin ground. There could be no real expectation of locating a surviving bucolic redoubt, not here. The mysteries had been broken up, They had decamped to Oxford.

We had to choose our pedestrian tunnel. the first (spurned) ran in the direction of Oval and was decorated with the single word RITUAL, the T being exaggerated into a tau cross. The other, a white tile number, was soon confirmed as the correct decision. An alchemical/ Rosicrucian riddle was sprayed along its length: WHO IS CHRISTIAN GOLDMAN? (Composed by an initiate sufficiently overqualified to employ the correct punctuation mark.)' (p.199).