Monday, August 23, 2004

Borat turns over stones

On Ali G's American TV show last night, he visited a place in Texas where they have wild animals for you to shoot. The walls of the office is bedecked with heads of animals including a giraffe. In the character of Borat, Ali G asked the owner what was "the most expensive" animal they had shot there. The answer, "Last year with shot a Pere David deer...which is extinct."

Later on the owner, prompted by "Borat", admitted that he'd like to offer Jews for shooting, but while it was okay with him, other people might object. It's amazing how non-existent people's resistance is to Sacha Baron Cohen's suggestions. Last week he had a barroom full of country and western afficionados singing along with a chorus of "Throw the jew down the well." (You can see it online here.)

More about Ali G, and more clips here.

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