Sunday, April 10, 2016

Willesden connection to the Panama Papers scandal

BBC Panorama "Tax Havens of the Rich and Powerful Exposed", suggests that the regeneration of the local Willesden hospital was financed in part by one Chris Hudson who used a Panama-registered company called the Yarrow Foundation. One of the leaked Mossack Fonsaca documents names Chris Hudson as the principal beneficiary. Other documents list transfers of money from Yarrow Foundation to Chris Hudson's London bank account.

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Flyer: "A PFI/Private Partnership - Private Sector Partner - Working With Our Partners For A Healthier Future" - Willesden Herald photo from 2003
The Brent NHS local hospital, now called The Willesden Centre for Health and Care, was built under the then Labour government's Private Finance Initiative (PFI), a scheme promoted by Chancellor Gordon Brown. This is the same PFI that has saddled hospital trusts throughout the country with massive debts, effectively mortgages they cannot afford to repay.

To add insult to the injury of PFI, it now appears that money is being paid into offshore companies, which look like they are designed to avoid paying tax on profits from the UK. Is it necessary to remind anyone that the NHS is supported by tax paid in the UK, and that it is crippled by debts it now has to pay to companies registered offshore, who pay no tax here?

The more the parasite thrives, the more the host declines.

Willesden Herald "Willesden Centre for Health & Care" photo sequence 2009 - 1

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