Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hospital bus stop closed. Nobody working on roadworks.

Charing Cross hospital bus stop closed, Fulham Palace Road 
I happened to pass by here for the second day in a row and the bus stop is still closed and there is still nobody working on the hole in the ground, where some pipes are exposed. Did they think it was okay to close the bus stop for the hospital and leave it with no one working on the problem? How long has it been like this, and how long before somebody comes and finishes the work?

Meanwhile outpatients are taken to the next bus stop and have to make their way back to the hospital entrance. Today the pedestrian walk around was flooded up to about three inches and the ramp was out of position at one end. I understand that work has to be done on the pipes or whatever, but I don't understand why no one is working on it, and meanwhile the bus stop for the hospital is closed. Who is responsible? What is their answer? Hammersmith and Fulham Council?


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