Monday, November 10, 2014

Three squibs

The Road Not Taken

On seeing two signposts pointing opposite ways to Edenderry,
one that said 8 miles and one that said 10

She bid me take her hither,
I bid her take me yon
But I being young would dither
And now she's taking John.

Down by Edenderry
Our rendezvous was set
But I went by the long road
And now she's with that get.

So listen all you geezers
On Erin's craggy coast
Always take the short cut
Or else your arse is toast.


Nearly Man

Ah me and Carmel Kavanagh from Navan
In a caravan in Cavan
Almost consummated our mirage.
Then a one night couldn't stand
With Anna from Knockananna
In Banna sur la Plage.
I nearly humped Dymphna from Crumlin though,
On a drumlin near Drumshanbo
But never knowingly akimbo,
She dumped me at Crimbo,
Which ruined my image
In Kimmage.


He wishes for the green and silver bits

After WBY

Had I the heavens’ embroidered circuitboards,
Enwrought with silver of solder and flux
The boolean half charge of decision scores,
Resistors and matrices of maybes and mux,
I’d encrypt there the tales of Arabia for you.
But I being poor have only my wee jests;
Tread softly because you tread on my jesticles.


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