Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Willesden Library Centre redevelopment


We're to have a Stalinist patronising "Cultural Centre" instead of the library centre and several blocks of flats advertised for sale in Singapore, guaranteed to contain "no affordable housing" and "no key worker housing". And Willesden Green now has no car park.


Ossian said...

What we do, such as using libraries, is no longer what we do, it's cultural, quirky, quaint, old -- on the way out. We're living on the reservation or waiting to be relocated outside of London.

Ossian said...

The public spaces will be on floors beneath the council offices, on sufferance, to be inspected by the satisfied bureaucrats on their patrols up and down.

The Victorian building will be like a mouse with an ear grafted on, hapless, degraded, like the stuffed face of the Spotted Dog former famous public house.

But their lardships don't want pubs. They want deals with builders. Next: The Queensbury, the best remaining pub in the area. The battle is on to stop them turning it into a block of flats. A stay of execution has been obtained but they'll be back. They won't stop till they've turned everywhere into housing.

And they fully expect you to stay in your housing until further notice.