Saturday, May 24, 2014

Local election results Brent and Harrow 2014


The Brent results are in. It stays under Labour control. But the LibDems have been all but wiped out, down from 16 to 1 councillor. Conservatives are down 1 to 6 and Labour are up 16 to 56. No other parties won a seat and therefore Labour has an overall majority of 56 to 7. It seems nobody cares that half of the libraries were closed and sold off to developers to build flats for overseas buyers.


In Harrow the breakaway Independent Labour 9 councillors have been wiped out and official Labour is up 9. The split was about some perceived racism in the local party. I don't know how true it can be as two of the three official Labour candidates here in the Harrow-on-the-Hill ward (home of the new Herald House) were Asian. We also had a UKIP councillor, switched from Independent, in Harrow but he lost his seat this time. So it's UKIP minus 1 here and Conservatives plus 1. So much for "the UKIP surge". Totals: Labour 34, Conservatives 26, LibDems 1 (no change) and Independent 2. So official Labour has taken back the council from "no overall control" to an overall majority of 5.

Complete national results: Guardian
London facts and figures: Diamond Geezer

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