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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Is Brent council neglecting Roundwood Park?

The flowerbeds and borders are growing wild and overgrown with weeds this year. Compare the pictures from last summer with those taken today. Is it time to worry or will all be restored by August 2013?

22 June 2013

Flowerbed 2013

Flowerbed 2013

Looking towards the north gate, over some empty flowerbeds

Thistles and weeds in the borders

Wild grass in the borders

5 August 2012

Flowerbed 2012

Flowerbed 2012

Flowerbed 2012

Looking towards the north gate, 2012


Martin Francis said...

Worse to come? The Brent Parks Maintenance Service is due to be privatised. Procurement for a Public Realm contract covering waste collection, recycling, street sweeping and parks maintenance is currently underway. Aim of course is to save money and Parks Maintenance likely to be a low priority part of the contract worth £250m over 16 years.

Ossian said...

It never ceases to amaze me that all of our "progress" seems to result in not being able "to afford" what past generations were able to afford. The underlying reason is that the ship of state is holed below the waterline, because globalised industry destroys with impunity the fragile civilisation built at great cost by our forebears.

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