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Monday, October 29, 2012

Reverie on a theme

It's a hunger.
It's a raft in a flood.
It's a pitiful wound.
It's the tide in a lonely bay,
The insanity of a saint,
The echo of a silence,
Sleepless weeping,
Call of the nightjar,
Triangulated moonbeam,
Shared time,
When summer performs cartwheels.

It's a song on a loop,
Merrygoround of the heart,
Plaintiff squeak of a mouse.
It's waiting for a letter,
The sound of your own name,
In your ear,
Illumination of another's,
The grumble of a pet.

It's a mating call,
Howl of the night wolf,
Square dance call,
Dove on a windowsill,
Waiting for bread,
Help of a teacher
For an idiot,
Note on a table,
Food left out.


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