Wednesday, September 05, 2012

If it's Friday it has to be £70k

Save Kensal Rise Library! | Campaign to Save Kensal Rise Library

£70,000 is needed to fund renovations and the first year of operation. It is important that this money be pledged by Friday in time for a decisive meeting with All Souls College, Oxford, owners of the building. The amount pledged has reached £64,199 as of 1 p.m. on Wednesday 5th.

That includes £1,000 from Willesden Green Writers' Group, which will now get its name on the wall of the library. How about it, local businesses and banks? Please step in and get your name on the wall of the library, and it will be good for business as well.

Brent Council has deliberately triggered the reversion clause in the covenant that gave the site for use as a library, which stated that if it ceased to be used as intended then ownership would revert to All Souls College. It was one of the most despicable acts imaginable, and perpetrated by a Labour council, would you believe, in a rush to close 6 of the 12 libraries it runs. They came like thieves in the night at 3 a.m, mob-handed, to strip the library when the protesters' presence was not able to stop them as it had before. They took everything, including the murals and the plaque commemorating the opening by Mark Twain in 1900.

Brent Council is also demolishing Willesden Library Centre, in return for some offices for themselves built gratis, after giving away the car park, worth about £10 million, to builders Galliford Try.

They even wanted to demolish the locally listed Victorian old library building, but that attack has been repulsed for now. It could be incorporated under a glass dome or suchlike, but more likely in a much more slapdash way, because this is all about money, not about culture or service.

And instead of a library centre, which has been a perfect name for the excellent existing building, which they are demolishing, they want to call it Willesden Green Cultural Centre, with their offices inside, to give us all that cold feeling of living in a Stalinist autocracy.

Labour! Treachery is now the norm in politics. It's not that they're "stealing other parties' clothes", they're stealing your bloody clothes, your birthright.

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