Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Concern over loss of historic west London library

The Victorian Society

A proposal to demolish the old Willesden library building has been strongly criticised by the Victorian Society.

'Plans to knock down this attractive building in the heart of Willesden fly in the face of the Council's own guidance,' said James Hughes, Conservation Officer for the Victorian Society. 'Council documents stress the importance of the old library and the need to preserve the character of the Conservation Area.'

Mr Hughes added: 'we want to see the Council take a more imaginative and sustainable approach to this key site, as the loss of the Victorian library is unnecessary and wasteful. It should be possible to build a new cultural centre while retaining this important reminder of Willesden's heritage.'

A city that cannot afford libraries that have been afforded since the turn of the 19th century, cannot maintain historic buildings but squanders tens of billions of pounds, wraps itself in worthless bunting and fake shop fronts for the London Olypics. A state that is more interested in war and pompous international games than it is in libraries and neighbourhoods. #NOlympics 2012 - to hell with the games. (No? Ed)

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