Saturday, August 13, 2011

The shameful end of David Starkey

David Starkey claims 'the whites have become black' (Guardian)

There's no fool like an old fool. Would David Starkey have described the looters of Dublin in 1916 as "adopting black culture"? In the flow of his bigotry and patronising, he says David Lammy "talks like a white". Here he is on Newsnight, equating "black culture" with "gangsterism".

There is a line between provocative polemics and purblind bigotry. David Starkey can no longer see that line. He should never, ever be employed by the BBC again.



rainbow spike said...

I half expected him to start banging on about him finding the roots of the trouble in jazz. His weak-minded crap was also reminiscent of the Nazi and pre-Nazi (Wagner et al) bollocks about Jewry 'infecting' German culture.
Peter Oborne was a bit closer to reality here


rainbow spike said...

cont'd...although I would have preferred it if Oborne's title was The Moral Decay, Shamelessness, Worthless Pontification, and Barbaric Greed is a Fucking Site Worse at the Top (As Ever).

Ossian said...

Yes, I think Ed's outburst falls into that category of pontification too. :)

This is more like it:

Ossian said...

I suggest to Ed that the shameful end of David Starkey is the end that talks. Though come to think of it, it's still not clear which end that is. Anyone with half a brain who remains a royalist is always likely to prove a twit anyway.