Saturday, October 09, 2010

The undeserving rich

A woolly Michael Heseltine, flustered and throwing roundhouse ad hominem remarks is floored by Ken Loach, who simply points out that a 5% tax on the top 10% of the rich would pay for the entire national debt. It takes the others a time to realise the absurdity of their counter-arguments, "But what will the poor contribute?" and "What will the unemployed contribute?" If they cannot see the absurdity of those questions then "there are none so blind". Heseltine says the rich will leave the country and Loach responds, "So the rich have to be bribed to stay in the country" while the poor have to be forced to pay for the national debt. The logic that the rich who benefitted from the financial bonanza should be forced to pay for the clean-up after it crashed seems unarguable. Why is the Labour party supine about this, will it never recover from Blair's sell-out to big business and vested interests?


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Q said...

I've never seen Ken Loach speak before: he's astonishingly calm in the face of an attempted drubbing by Heseltine. I'd have tipped my drink over Hezza's silky mane long ago if it was me in that studio.