Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life and War with Mikey Fatboy Delgado

"Before Hutton, before Butler, before Chilcot, Mikey Fatboy Delgado was looking into the matter... In the spring of 2003 the Iraq war is underway and Mikey is almost all in favour of it. It makes for good television and is improving his sex life. If only the BBC would sort out those green pictures of fighting in the dark he might even be prepared to cough up for a licence. And if only corrupt policing and the amount that Blair grins weren't so unsettling he would be able to relax and enjoy watching the highlights of the fighting more." (Laughing Mushroom Press)

We're asking old Mr Scrotum himself of Scrotum Scrotum Bumwilley Haversack to look into this publication with a magnifying glass and you can rest assured that if there is anything defamatory about anyone at the Willesden Herald in this new book we will not let it rest.



Feargal said...

Sadly it turns out that old Mr Scrotum is no longer with us and the firm is merely leaving a decent interval before changing its moniker to Scrotum Bumwilley Haversack, though apparently there is another little Scrotum on the way whose name may in due course be appended.

Dr Gerald Francis (ret'd) said...

I've had a look at the 'book' at Red's request and the original labelling of it as a 'clinical sample' is well-founded. I doubt we would get anywhere in court since the individual is almost certainly suffering from 'diminished responsibility', though without a full proctological examination it is difficult to be sure. As Red knows, one can tell a lot about an individual from the flora in his back passage.

Dr Gerald Francis (ret'd)
Medical adviser to The Willesden Herald. Author of Your Disordered Rectum And You.


ausgeflippt said...

I've read Blair's book and Delgado's book this week (Delgado's was the more entertaining). I suggest Dr Francis investigates Blair's for clinical signs of a disordered rectum.

A genuine reader said...

It's hard to compare those two books because one of course is complete fiction, whereas Delgado's is an accurate account of what it was like during the Iraq war. (As somebody pointed out down the pub yesterday.)