Wednesday, August 05, 2009

British man arrested for role in running FileSoup file sharing website

"Among the concerns was the news that the goods seized during the operation were no longer being held by police, but had instead been handed over to the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), an accredited private group that often assists law enforcement with inquiries in such cases. ... A spokesman for FACT, which is funded by organisations such as BSkyB, Paramount and Sony Pictures, said it could not comment on an open investigation." (Guardian)

I'm all for the rights of copyright holders but where do these private organisations get the right to become part of the police service by receiving items of evidence seized from people's homes by the police? What's to stop say Kellogg's from demanding samples of food cooked by suspects to determine if their Corn Flakes patent is violated? Why don't we have Unilever check the laundry and Diageo check for unlicensed home brew? Come to think of it, send me everything as well, I want to see if the Willesden Herald's copyright has been breached. If it's good enough for BSkyB (an alias for Murdoch International) and centres of the ludicrously commercial and exploitative such as movie making companies, then it's good enough for the Willesden Herald.


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