Friday, April 17, 2009

Help Marnie Pearce - UK/Dubai custody travesty

Marnie Pearce is a British woman who has been jailed for adultery in Dubai, has lost her children, and is about to be deported back to Britain with no support.

The children are staying in Dubai with their father, who also received the entirety of the family's possessions.

"...her husband burst into her home with several police officers in March this year, as she was having a cup of tea with a colleague's brother-in-law.
'The police came in the front and back door with my husband who accused me of having an affair,' she said. According to Marnie her husband took possession of the family home and she and her sons were forced to stay in a shelter before seeking refuge with a friend. On November 27, the mother-of-two was convicted of adultery and sentenced to six months in prison." (Daily Telegraph)

Marnie is stepping off a plane on the 10th May with nothing - nowhere to live, no way of fighting to get her kids back, or anything. A Facebook group has been setup, dedicated to finding her a place to stay, helping her to get legal advice, and making sure everyone is aware of her plight.

"At the moment, we really need:

  • appointments with any senior officials or campaigners who can help her case
  • a good custody lawyer prepared to work pro bono (anyone know one?)
  • a good therapist prepared to work for free (anyone know one?) or support group
please let us know on the wall or message one of the admins!!" (Link)

Visit Marnie's homepage, run by helpers: Save Marnie's Babies

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